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WORKING THROUGH RUST "Words About The End / Words About Time"

This long-distance writing project from Tom (Hundreds of AU, Black Kites, The Assistant, etc) and Steve (Saetia, Off Minor, Books Lie, etc) and Matt (Devola, Recent Ancestors) birthed an up-to-date take on the mid-90's sound of chaotic hardcore, with nods to the German contingent. Tension, kinetic mayhem, and emotional bloodletting burst forth in every one of the 8 tracks here. The final result? A battering ram of sonic touchpoints such as Acme, Rorschach, Carol, and Reversal of Man that makes it genuinely hard to sit still while listening.

Track Listing: 
01. Father
02. Pride
03. Honesty
04. Friend
05. Child
06. Nightmare
07. Waste
08. Age