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WORRIERS "Survival Pop"

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A punk album called Survival Pop released in 2017 doesn’t need a lot of explanation, especially one written by a queer feminist who doesn’t identify in binary gender terms. In the album’s press materials, Lauren Denitzio (who performs as Worriers with a rotating cast of supporting players) describes Survival Pop as “songs for self-preservation,” which they hope can be “intentionally uplifting and cathartic.”

Track Listing :  
01. My 85th Rodeo 
02. Not Your Type 
03. The Possibility 
04. Gaslighter 
05. What We’re Up Against 
06. Future Me 
07. Self Esteemed 
08. No Thanks 
09. Glutton (Reprise) 
10. WTF Is Sleep? 
11. Best Fear / Worst Fantasy 
12. Open Heart