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The Flenser


"The Flenser is proud to present genre defying heavy experimental duo WRECK AND REFERENCE’s latest and most complex work No Youth. Formed by drummer Ignat Frege and multi-instrumentalist Felix Skinner, the band creates a sound that synthesizes traditional heavy guitar-driven doom with frenzied electronic samples. Often filed under “metal,” WRECK AND REFERENCE is ultimately hostile to genre classifications. The band proves to be an affront to the tired and trite conformity found within the metal hegemony, instead using synths, live drums and vocals to craft a sound that is melancholic, fierce and catchy. Calling on influences ranging from industrial to doom metal to noise rock, the resulting music is a trainwreck of contradictions yet devastatingly heavy, somber and addictive. Think Nick Cave introducing The Body to blast beats."

Track Listing
01. Spectrum
02. Nausea
03. The Solstitial
04. Inverted Soul
05. Cannot
06. I Am A Sieve
07. Obedience
08. Winter
09. Stage Collapse
10. Edifice of Silt