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"After two impressive EPs, The Valley Of Elah (2014) and When Deep Waters… (2015), Eastern France chaotic hardcore / mathcore band YURODIVY have mae their way to “Aphos”, their highly anticipated debut full length, a perfect treat for fans of vibes in the vein of BIRDS IN ROW, CODE ORANGE, THE PRESTIGE or THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. For those willing to persist and explore, “Aphos” is a work of intelligence, crafted with frenzy, but also great care. We’re more than proud to give you the first streaming of this great work."

Track Listing:
01. Six Feet Under Water
02. The Way Of Light
03. Ascension
04. 40 Days
05. Now You Can Feed The Monster, Pt. 1
06. Now You Can Feed The Monster, Pt. 2
07. Children Of The Sun
08. In The Violence Of The Ashes
09. War Drums
10. Necessary
11. Genesis 1:6