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Oppressive discordance, disorienting chaos and unrelenting power. These are the ingredients that await you on Anguine's demo compilation 'MMXXI / MMXXI²'.

The covert band's dissonant and blackened Deathgrind caused an immediate stir when the first of two 2 track demos was released digitally a couple of months back.

With an increasing demand for a physical release and a second demo in their back pocket, Anguine collaborated with Total Dissonance Worship to deliver on that front.

The 2 new songs featured on 'MMXXI²' complete the band's introduction with a sonic assault that reaches a climax of absolutely pulverizing proportions.

Track Listing:  
1. Shroud of Bloom
2. Gossamer
3. The Gnawing
4. Muted Clamour


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