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CEREMONY "In The Spirit World Now (Synthetic Remixes)"

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CEREMONY's In the Spirit World Now (Synthetic Remixes) see's the band's critically acclaimed 2019 album reimagined with a new emphasis on synth instrumentation. Limited edition one-time vinyl pressing.

Track listing :
1. We Can Be Free (Synthetic Remix)
2. From Another Age (Synthetic Remix)
3. In the Spirit World Now (Synthetic Remix)
4. Further I Was (Synthetic Remix)
5. Presaging The End (Synthetic Remix)
6. Calming Water (Synthetic Remix)
7. I Want More (Synthetic Remix)
8. Say Goodbye to Them (Synthetic Remix)
9. Years of Love (Synthetic Remix)
10. Never Gonna Die Now (Synthetic Remix)
11. Turn Away the Bad Thing (Synthetic Remix)
12. From Another Age
13. ///
14. Calming Water