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Headcount is a new straight edge band out of San Diego, CA, who formed over the summer of 2019. Featuring current and former members of Bayonet, Meth Breath, and xReignx, the group is comprised of San Diego hardcore alumni set out with the intent to play straight ahead, energetic anthems with direct, yet earnest and thoughtful lyrics. Their debut EP was released on Safe Inside Records last year and packs 6 songs of no-frills youthcrew hardcore, all in under 10 minutes and is set to release a new 6 song EP in October 2021. Since the band’s inception, Headcount has already shared the stage with acts such as Judge, Down To Nothing and has been featured on San Diego’s Fear of Noise festival. Headcount’s modern straight edge anthems will be sure to catch the attention of fans of Carry On, The First Step and Floorpunch.

Track Listing :
01. Stolen Time
02. Good Citizen
03. New Paths
04. Parse
05. Anti-Cop Always Baby!
06. Imprint


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