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METAVARI & MAKEUP AND VANITY SET "How Much Darker b/w Street Smarts"

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Both Metavari and MAVS worked together to try to create a cohesive statement within their respective halves of this release. They aimed to include a bit more of a industrial sound to their typical fare of new-wavy, synth-heavy electronica and the aural results are outstanding! 

Both artists worked together during the writing and recording process to try to align this release thematically and sonically - bringing in a strong industrial influence alongside their modern synth and retro-electronic sound.  Both of these tracks are also congruent in their stances on the current political climate of our country. While the Metavari half uses gorgeous, haunting vocals in a metaphor about injustice, Makeup And Vanity Set takes a sharp stance on gun control through a poignant sound bite placed perfectly in the midst of the KMFDM-like sonic pummeling.

Track Listing:  
01. Metavari - How Much Darker 
02. Makeup And Vanity Set - Street Smarts