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The Olympia-based band (which includes Sadie Switchblade on drums) make fired-up pop-punk that embraces the staples of the genre: There’s the requisite fixation with Massachusetts, a song named after the Starting Line, and even a cover of the Get Up Kids’ “Coming Clean,” and all of them are pitch-perfect in execution. Dual vocalists Vicky and Jimmy rip-snort through towering melodies and hooks for days. “Come now, you couldn’t know nothing/ You should’ve said something/ Left all of the reasons why I shouldn’t,” they sing in unison and in red-hot contempt on “Metro.” Most of the songs on Rexmanningday. are repurposed from their demo, which came out last fall, re-released now for vinyl, but it ends on a new one, “Colleen.” It’s strained and burnt-out, a desperate reach-out to a friend: “Colleen, I’m breaking down/ Thought I had a plan, but now I’m having doubts.” 

Track Listing :  
01. Mass Ave 
02. There You Are 
03. Metro 
04. Starting Line 
05. Cover 
06. Colleen