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SNOWBLOOD "Self-Titled"

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This is an album that balances doom/sludge and post-metal on a pair of scales, sometimes panning left or right without letting the other side go completely. The hourlong album features a mere four tracks; the average fifteen minutes per song should be quite indicative of the spun-out, slow-paced nature. Don’t expect a brainless monotonous dragging and droning, however. Despite the length, all tracks build up tension and atmosphere step by step – starting with whispers and harmless twanging, hardly insinuating any direction at all. The soundscape inexorably turns overcast with ominous beats and usually end in a full-scale storm of distortion and (high-pitched) screams. Fifteen minutes of SNOWBLOOD only seem like seven, and the hymns feel hardly composed. They’re like a raw, pulsating force improvised and guided by inner emotion."

Track Listing
01. Untitled
02. Untitled
03. Untitled
04. Untitled