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STATIQBLOOM "Blue Moon Blood"

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"Statiqbloom is the dark hallucinogenic brainchild of Fade Kainer (Batillus, Tombs, Theologian). Drawing from the grittiness of early industrial and EBM, Statiqbloom's debut full-length entitled "Blue Moon Blood" combines hard dance beats and haunting electronics with disorienting vocals to create a pulsing raw vision of electronic music for today.

"Statiqbloom create a hauntingly dark and ominous industrial affair, it's a sinister mechanical racket. There's a huge influence of old-school industrial flavors going on too, but Statiqbloom isn't interested in giving you a history lesson - Statiqbloom is here to darken your future." - Damnedindusrial.com

RIYL: Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Youth Code, Gost, The Klinik , Wax Trax! Records"

Track Listing:
01. Despair Are Shadows
02. Black Walks Eternal
03. Crooked Line
04. Talons Teeth
05. Adrift
06. Feel The Flesh
07. Mortuary
08. Nigredo
09. Pale Lust
10. Phantom Eye