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Ashley Rose Couture "Dimming Light" Giclee Print

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This product should ship between July 04, 2023 and July 15, 2023

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“We grow accustomed to the Dark - When Light is put away”

‘DESCENT’ is the Fall/Winter 2022 Collection by designer Ashley Rose Couture. With a focus on texture, the eight piece collection is designed as an armor for embracing shadows, finding strength and pushing through the dark. Models Kristin Hayter and Aviv Grimm were photographed by Alena Kostromina, with Hair by Tina Le Noble Gentry and Makeup by Kelsey Herbst. Collectively they bring this transcendental fashion to life.

Selects from 'DESCENT' are presented here as museum quality Giclee prints and apparel.

Fashion Design: Ashley Rose Couture
Photographer: Alena Kostromina
Models: Kristin Hayter & Aviv Grimm
Hair: Tina Le Noble Gentry
Makeup: Kelsey Herbst

Stock: Fine Line, Coarse Watercolor, 315 GSM, 4 sizes available.