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Hailing from Umea Sweden, this three piece Viking grind outfit punish listeners not only musically but lyrically as well. Asterisk's sound and ideas come largely from the progressive ranks of grindcore and philosophy. Members have ties to acts such as DS-13 and Randy. This CD is a collection of all recorded material by this band to date. Features artwork by John Chang of Discordance Axis.

Track listing :
1. Dromology
2. Stasis Is Death
3. Dromologist
4. Speed (God)
5. The Peace Of Exhaustion
6. *
7. Adding Milk To DNA
8. Man-Eater
9. Furniture
10. Essence
11. Changing Times
12. Asterisk And Obelisk
13. Empty From Day Zero
14. Drink Me
15. Assault Engine
16. Red
17. Green Eyed Angel In My Dream
18. Bible
19. French Is French In Phonetics
20. Hello Vargas
21. Eat Me
22. The Spatio-Temporal Aspect
23. The Anomaly
24. Iron-Head Palestine
25. Another Dane Law Carved In French
26. 5 Months
27. A Phrase Structure Tree
28. Vowel Sounds Turning Into Motor Humming
29. The Word “Blood” Is Mentioned 109 Times In Macbeth
30. Auxiliary
31. Silver (Bullet) Bible
32. Syntax Of Limbo
33. A Blouse Of Lead
34. An Angel Collapsing (Featuring – Lasse Marhaug)
35. I (Poultry)
36. Exodus
37. Ogre Battle (Originally Performed By Queen)
38. Lego Hair
39. Janick Top
40. Babylon(e)
41. Untitled


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