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Relapse Records

BARONESS "Yellow & Green"

Baroness fans have come to expect nothing les than contestant evolution from the band and that is precisely what they delivered, but in way no one could have anticipated: the hooks are immediately seared into your brain, riffs that take just one listen to fully lodge themselves in your consciousness and vocals that are sung both heavily and beautifully. Some songs are more delicate than Baroness ever hinted to before while others are straight up arena rockers _ yet all along Yellow & Green is unmistakably the Baroness that the world has come to love and look to for Record of the Year quality rock and roll. 

Track Listing :  
01. Yellow Theme  
02. Take My Bones Away  
03. March to the Sea  
04. Little Things  
05. Twinkler  
06. Cocainium  
07. Back Where I Belong  
08. Sea Lungs  
09. Eula  
10. Green Theme  
11. Board Up the House  
12. Mtns. (The Crown & Anchor)  
13. Foolsong  
14. Collapse  
15. Psalms Alive  
16. Stretchmarker  
17. The Line Between  
18. If I Forget Thee, Lowcountry