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BASTIONS "Bedfellows Part 2: The Forgotten Daughter"


Even a casual fan should credit Bastions for the path taken on their last body of work 'Bedfellows'. Releasing two thematically linked EPs (that can be housed together in the packaging accompanying this release) – showcasing a band allowing themselves expression both musically and artistically without limitation.

A bold claim perhaps – but one based upon logical, modern thought. Freed from the pressure of delivering an album, Bastions dredge everything from slo-mo scando-core to almost Cursed-esque piques of auditory violence. The concept allowing the band to live and breathe the story in a way that a single snapshot of time (aka ‘an album’) would not allow. Clever, without being smug.

Completing the 'Bedfellows' concept sets Bastions apart from their contemporaries with their tantalizing, fascinating and diverse post-hardcore. There is no easy way to define Bastions, other than to simply call them one of the most consistently exciting abrasive bands of our time. 

Track Listing:  
1. Empty Vessel
2. Foreign Bodies
3. Mother's Ruin
4. The Water Tower
5. Murmuring