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BLEACHED CROSS "Bleached Cross"

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"Blood seeps into the stone, and darkness emerges.” Bleached Cross embrace this darkness; conjuring those parts of life to transform them through their songs as rituals. Evoking the aggression of screamo and hardcore through a lens of post punk, dark wave, and shoegaze, their infectious drum beats and pop hooks intertwine between reverb soaked guitars and distorted synth pads creating something both ethereal and unrelenting. A grim alchemy that proves there is beauty in darkness, and catharsis in its release. FFO: Cold Cave, Nothing, Portrayal of Guilt, Soft Kill, Frail Body

01. Thoughtseize
02. The Last Embrace
03. Flesh Prison
04. Recurring Nightmare
05. Mercy
06. All Is Dust
07. Field Of Souls
08. Sorrow
09. Suffer
10. Dark Ritual


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