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Over the course of its existence, the San Diego-based Cattle Decapitation has transformed from a stripped-down gore-grind side project of the arty hardcore/grindcore band The Locust to a full-fledged death metal band of their own, undergoing a few lineup changes in the process. Their association with The Locust formed much of the original basis for their popularity in hardcore circles, which was unusual for a band that growled out the type of disturbing, gore-oriented lyrics usually reserved for Carcass/Cannibal Corpse audiences. However, as the years went by and their connections to the Locust finally severed personnel-wise, it became clear that they were indeed a real band of their own, not a side project; they eventually signed to established metal powerhouse label Metal Blade Records and, musically, took on more of a professional death metal sound while retaining their original
pro-vegetarian/pro-environment/gore-oriented lyrical stance. Cattle Decapitation originally formed in San Diego in 1996. The lineup featured David Astor on bass and Gabe Serbian on drums — both of whom were then also members of The Locust — as well as a guitarist/vocalist, who soon allegedly vanished without the other members knowing anything of his whereabouts. Seeking a replacement on vocals, the band turned to Travis Ryan. With Ryan on board, Astor moved from bass to drums, and Serbian moved from drums to guitar. This lineup quickly released two albums, the Human Jerky LP and the Homovore CD/LP. Cattle Decapitation has continued its rise since with nine album releases to date, continuously growing and changing its members and musical approach, all the while gaining worldwide notoriety and touring relentlessly.

Originally Three One G’s 22nd release, “Human Jerky” is the 1999 debut album by San Diego’s most beloved and brutal death metal band, Cattle Decapitation. This iteration of the band is vocalist Travis Ryan, The Locust’s Gabe Serbian as guitarist, and Dave Astor on drums. Summoning the evil spirit of bands like Carcass and Gatekeepers like Zuul, this nonstop blastbeat onslaught encapsulates arguably the most brutal and certainly the most grindy elements of all of Cattle’s now extensive and impressive discography. This is a revelatory release for Cattle fans who might not be familiar with the band’s goregrind origins. The reissue was remastered by Dave Otero, and this clear and green splatter “Covid Sneeze Hiccup” variant is limited to 500 copies. This reissue campaign also sees the album for the first time on Cassette as well as a long-awaited re-pressing on CD.

Track Listing :
01. Cloned for Carrion
02. Parasitic Infestation (Extracted Pus, Mistaken for Yogurt, and Then Gargled)
03. Unclogged and Ready For Spewage
04. Gestation of Smegma
05. Mute Rain
06. Flesh-Eating Disease
07. The Decapitation of Cattle
08. Constipation Camp
09. Intro to Carnage
10. Cream of the Crop
11. Mad Cow Conspiracy (Bloated Bovine – Home to Flies and Anthrax Spores)
12. Veal and the Cult of Torture
13. Stench From the Dumpster
14. Body Snatcher (Viscera Intact – Ripe For Devourment)
15. Roadkill Removal Technician
16. Bovine, Swine and Human Rinds
17. Bludgeoned, Beaten and Barbecued
18. Colon Blo


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