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Vitriol Records



"This record is the first full length LP from Tacoma, WA’s EARTH CONTROL (formerly Owen Hart). This thing is a mish-mash of brutality, covering death metal, straight up metal, and all of the best facets of hardcore. Grinding by in a mere 26 minutes, this is a pretty sweet masterpiece packaged in a black gatefold with spot varnish."

Track Listing
01. I (Nameless)
02. 44 Black
03. Poor White Straight Guy
04. Welcome To Worthless-Piece-Of-Shit-Ville, Population: You
05. I Hate Myself and I Want to Die
06. Bomb Bay Beach
07. The Letter
08. Fuck Morrisey, Fuck The Smiths, Fuck The Cure
09. Methlahem
10. The Vertigo Of Murray Morgan
11. Evolution's A Fact, Jack