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"At 6 songs totalling over 40 minutes, HUMAN FUTURE seamlessly fuse a plethora of genres such as Hardcore, Krautrock, Black Metal, Post Rock and electronic music. Whilst vastly eclectic the songs create a cohesive, dynamic whole, driven by a clear intent.

Whereas the band's 2013 EP 'Anachronism' was a critique of religion, 'Spectrum' loosely tells the story of a recluse confronting the life they have led and what lies ahead. Touching on themes of aspiration, obsession, creation, personal struggle and acceptance, ‘Spectrum’ is a remedy to the ebb and flow of life.

The overall sound has been actualised with the help of Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House, along with the near-legendary Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. The final stunning package is completed by the breathtaking artwork of Vi Shu.

This release is just the first step… "

Track Listing
01. Forge
02. Misery Drone
03. Cycle
04. All Must Wither
05. Aberrations
06. Creation Wish