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Total Dissonance Worship

ION DISSONANCE "Breathing is Irrelevant"

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Late October
18 years after it was unleashed on an unsuspecting underground, Ion Dissonance's iconic debut full length is finally released on vinyl for the first time ever. 'Breathing is Irrelevant' chews up influences from the most extreme elements of Grindcore and Death Metal, only to spit them out in the shape of razorblades dipped in acid.

The result is a relentless mix of chaotic outbursts, polyrhythmic madness and dissonant frenzy, all topped off with a truly tortured vocal performance. The only semblance of balance comes in the shape of absolutely pulverizing breakdowns, but even those come with their fair share of dizzying twists and turns.

Remastered for vinyl and digital formats at Sludge Studios, 'Breathing is Irrelevant' now tears you apart with more clarity and precision than ever...

Track Listing:  
1. Substantial Guilt Vs. The Irony Of Enjoying
2. The Bud Dwyer Effect
3. Failure In The Process Of Identifying A Dream
4. 101101110110001
5. Binary, Pt. 2
6. The Death Of One Man Is A Tragedy, The Death Of 10, 000 Is A Statistic
7. Oceanic Motion
8. The Girl Next Door Is Always Screaming
9. Regular Dose Of Azure