Alerta Antifascista

LINK "Chapter IV"


"Link is all about melancholic atmospheres, heavy tunes, dark lyrics, fast riffs and slow epic parts. The band started in 1998, and has released a bunch of material. Amongst others, the split 7" with Raised by drunks (HALVEP038), Chapter I CD (HALVCD057), Chapter II LP (HALVLP058) and Chapter III split LP with Absolutist (HALVLP076). The songwriting of Link became an important aspect, which reflects in the deep and dark overall feel from the new songs. Numerous shows with bands such as Tragedy, Martyrdöd, Inepsy, Shades of Grey, Alehammer, Giuda has been made. Link is a band with a clear vision and strong principles. Sexism, racism, fascism, animal abuse are signs of these times which they completely dissaprove. Limited to 300 copies, worldwide!"

Track Listing:
01. Plague Bearer 
02. Wasteland 
03. The Fallen One 
04. From Now On 
05. Entombed And Forgotten 
06. History Repeats