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NECRITE "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi"

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"66 minutes of nightmarish, oppressive black metal from the abyss.
After six years and five demos of anticipation, San Jose black metal tyrants NECRITE have finally unleashed their debut curse upon us: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. Seamlessly fusing elements of droning doom, funeral ambience and thrashing black metal, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi is a monument in the legacy of West Coast black metal along with the likes of Weakling’s Dead as Dreams and Leviathan’s Tenth Sublevel of Suicide. NECRITE have managed to craft some of the most visceral and demonic audio terror around, forgoing traditional song structure and predictability in lieu of a pure unflinching devotion to creating the aural essence of death. This debut oozes tarry black hatred from every pore, and bleeds into its own mouth perpetually. It leaves the listener without a shadow of a doubt that it is the product of a fanatical loyalty to misanthropy, insanity, hatred and death. With Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, NECRITE brightly outshine the endless torrents of talentless crap flooding the airwaves and earned themselves a spot among the decaying world’s ever dwindling black metal elite." -D.L.

Track Listing
01. A Mass for the Harvest of Death
02. Worship the Sunn ((O))
03. Bathing Open Wounds With Shards of Glass
04. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
05. Bereft of Hope