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THIS GIFT IS A CURSE "All Hail The Swinelord"

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THIS GIFT IS A CURSE return with their deadly new album, 'A Throne of Ash.' The quintet unleash a destructive modern synthesis that pulls from the sub-genres of metallic extremity; the ice-cold veneer of black metal, the cacophonous thunder of noise-core, and the vicious attack of grind/crust. THIS GIFT IS A CURSE are utterly ferocious, and 'A Throne of Ash' is a maelstrom of swirling blackened noise from the gaping mouth of madness.

Track listing :
1. Haema
2. Blood is my Harvest
3. Thresholds
4. Gate Dweller
5. Monuments for Dead Gods
6. Wolvking
7. I Am Katharsis
8. In Your Black Halo
9. Wormwood Star