Solar Flare Records

WATERTANK "Destination Unknown"


"Two years after their first release, WATERTANK are back with “Destination Unknown”, a 9­ song full length (a little less than 35 minutes), composed and recorded on a unusual short notice, revealing a more confident band through strongly crafted songs.

The Nantes ­based band are still in love with melodic hooks, and down­tuned heavy riffing (“Dcvr” / “Doomed Drifters”), evolving from their post­-hardcore background (“Contrails”) to explore new territories (“Scheme” / “Destination Unknown”), they aim to deliver a lasting listening enjoyment.

Once again recorded by Patrice Guillerme (Papier Tigre / Patriotic Sunday) and mastered by Carl Saff (Coliseum / Pilot To Gunner), “Destination Unknown” marks a step forwards for the renewed line­up (who took part of last year Hellfest edition), gearing up for a few dates with Torche in 2015. If you’re into Torche, Quicksand and Failure, WATERTANK will be for you."

Track Listing
01. Automatic Reset
02. Fever
03. Contrails
04. DCVR
05. Last / Lost Hope
06. Surrender
07. Doomed Drifters
08. Scheme
09. Destination Unknown