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Hypertension Records

WITHERED "Folie Circulaire"


"The music of Atlanta’s WITHERED is a depressing mix of sludge, crust and black metal. From the first time you play them, it’s evident this is music for battered, broken souls. Take Swedish death metal legends Entombed and cross them with your favorite sludge/doom metal band, and that’s Withered.
Walls of guitar fuzz accompany every track, with the occasional outburst of death and black metal. The tone and mood of the album is unlike anything I’ve heard. If death metal bands ever played live at funerals, Withered would get a ton of requests."
Jeff Maki - Live-Metal.net

Track listing :
1. To Embrace...
2. ...The Fated Breath
3. Dichotomy Of Exile
4. Gnosis Unveils...
5. ...The Forsaken Truth
6. Purification Of Ignorance
7. Drawn Black Drapes...
8. ...Reveal The Essence Of Suffering
9. Clamor Beneath
10. Into Armageddon (Necrophobic Cover)