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FATHER MURPHY "Rising. A Requiem For Father Murphy"


Rising. A Requiem For Father Murphy is the latest and final offering from the iconic Italian occult duo, Father Murphy. Composed in the classical Requiem format, Rising follows the "Trilogy of the Cross", a series of records that recounts the journey of the fictional character Father Murphy, and subsequently the band itself. The album was mixed and mastered by long-time collaborator Gregory Saunier (Deerhoof), who is instrumental in helping craft Father Murphy's sonic descent over the years.

Track Listing :
01. Introit
02. Kyrie Eleison
03. Gradual
04. Tract
05. Sequence
06. Offertory
07. Sanctus
08. Agnus Dei
09. Communion
10. Pie Jesu
11. In Paradisum
12. Libera Me