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Recorded in a single marathon post gig all-night session, the debut LP from
Berlin's IDIOTA CIVILIZZATO builds upon their ripping 7" from last year. Obviously indebted to the wild sounds of the likes of Wretched, Impact and Blue Vomit but put together with its own distinctive grasping energy, a manic pile-on of cascading riffs, rifling drums, weird melodic trills needling through, barely held together, bursting with uncomfortable spite.

Eleven frenetic punk tunes that writhe with mad-eyed fury, twisting livewire hardcore that sears into you, sneering on and roaring forward, fucked off, packed with bounce and sting. (Joe Briggs)

Track listing :
1. Sporchi Senza Fine
2. Inganno
3. Polvere
4. Gemiti
5. Con Gli Occhi
6. Il Grado Dell Immgine
7. In Bilico Per Sempre
8. Credici
9. Dentro Nel Cono
10. Atti Di Follia
11. Agendo Nel Dubbio