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Pandiscordian Necrogenesis is the definition of expansive, spontaneous sound exploration. Founded in San Francisco in 2008 by sole member Ephemeral Domignostika (also of Pale Chalice, Mastery, Apprentice Destroyer, Ulthar, and more), Pandiscordian exists to fulfill Domignostika's own fascination with various avenues of extreme metal and their sound relationships, in addition to the discovery of the full capabilities of a live, one-man band. This is fascilitated by way of complete improvisation while performing and recording all material for Pandiscordian Necrogensis. 

On OUTER SUPERNAL, the third Pandiscordian full-length, all music is performed live and improvised by Domignostika with the use of a bass drum, snare, and hi hat (all played by foot), guitar, and voice. The only exception being the use of synth for ambient tracks. The resulting music is a schizophrenic and diverse series of compositions that meld the raw minimalism of black metal, intensity of classic death metal, speed/thrash guitar meanderings, or plodding doom. All of these styles are common deviations within the performances while somehow allowing each song to maintain its own sense of narrative, and it's all distilled through a distinct lo-fi black metal lens. There are no loop pedals, no backing tracks, and no samples used in any Pandiscordian recordings or performances. We think it's safe to state that the concept of improvised black metal where all instruments are played simultaneously can be solely attributed to Domignostika.

Track Listing
1. Gate of Shields
2. Outer Supernal
3. Void Supernal
4. Hidden Supernal
5. End Supernal
6. Gate of Uncreation
7. Blood Ascension
8. Throne Ascension
9. Rift Ascension
10. Depth Ascension
11. Gate of Vexations


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