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SOFT KILL "Savior"

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We are happy to announce the official reissue of our fourth studio album "Savior" on our very own Cercle Social Records. Ten songs written during my son's battle for his life after being born premature, flatlining and spending a month in the NICU. Most of the initial demos were tracked in the hospital, Red Lion motel or Ronald McDonald House, all located in South Sacramento in 2017.

Recorded and mixed by Ben Greenberg and mastered by Josh Bonati. This reissue's lacquer was cut by Adam Gonsalves.

Track listing : 
1. Swaddle
2. Trying Not To Die
3. Bunny Room
4. Savior
5. Missing
6. Changing Days
7. Dancing On Glass
8. Cry Now Cry Later
9. Do You Feel Nothing?
10. Hard Candy


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