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SORDIDE "Les Idées Blanches"

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Founded in Rouen in 2013, the black metal power trio SORDIDE released their first album “La France a peur” in 2014. The band then did a series of French and European tours and released the albums “Fuir la lumière” (2016) and “Hier déjà mort” (2019), and a split EP in 2017 with SATAN on the occasion of a tour featuring the two bands.
At first deliberately raw or even primitive, the band’s musical style has evolved over the albums to a more personal conception of black metal, sometimes urgent, sometimes vindictive or introspective.

Track Listing :
1. Je n'ai nul pays
2. Ruines futures
3. L'atrabilaire
4. Ne savoir que rester
5. Les idées blanches
6. Le silence ou la vie
7. Vers jamais